An epic 3/4 view of the digital ping pong scoreboard


A kick-ass way to keep track of your score.

I've played too many games of table tennis where the score was forgotten. I wanted an easy solution to prevent that from happening, so I developed this Arduino-based open source scoreboard.

Keeping track of the score is as simple as pushing a button.

Even though this scoreboard is programmed specifically for table tennis, it could be re-programmed to score the sport of your choice. All it takes is a little code-tweaking on your part. It might even make a decent clock or count-down timer. It's all possible since it's open-source.


  • $300

I'm offering these as DIY kits on a made-to-order basis. If you would like one, fill out the form on my contact page so I can shoot you over an online invoice.

Open Source

If you would prefer to work from scratch rather than purchase a DIY kit from me, then feel free to download the necessary files.




  • Large 5" bi-color 7-segment numbers
  • Ultra power-efficient display
  • Tracks points, games, server, and sides
  • Wireless buttons last 5+ years on a coin cell
  • Display itself can also be battery-powered
  • Mounts to a wall, cubby, tabletop, or tripod
  • Pre-programmed to play official table tennis rules
  • Hold any button to remove the last scored point

Adjustable pre-programmed parameters:

  • 5, 11, or 21 point games
  • 1-5 "games-to-win" per match
  • Player starting side (or random)
  • Server starting side (or random)
  • Sound ON / OFF


  • Mahogany-based plywood
  • A variety of plexiglass
  • 9 printed circuit boards
  • A whole lot of awesome electronic components

Display housing size:

  • 13.0" x 6.8" x 2.0"

Button size:

  • 3.6" x 1.1" x 1.1" (not including nub)
An in-use shot of the digital table tennis scoreboard
An in-use shot of the wireless button
A dead-on shot of the table tennis scoreboard in a cubby
Showing the table tennis scoreboard on a tabletop
Showing the table tennis scoreboard on a tripod
Showing the table tennis scoreboard on a wall
Showing the table tennis scoreboard in a cubby
A collection of all the parts that make up the electronic ping pong scoreboard