A cardboard neck tie and bow tie resting on cardboard sheets

Cardboard Ties

Ties and bow ties made from cardboard.

If I had to wear a tie, I'd make it a funky cardboard tie. That was the premise behind this project.


  • $15 / Tie
  • $10 / Bow Tie

I'm offering these ties on an "if available" basis. If you would like one, fill out the form on my contact page so I can shoot you over an online invoice.




  • Flexible by design
  • Made from recycled content
  • Attaches with a snap to the neck-strap
  • Water and tear resistant outter material
  • Neck ties include a magnetic tie-clip
  • 13+ different graphic designs


Check out the official website to see all of the designs.

A lifestyle shot showing off a blue cardboard tie on a sexy man
A close-up shot showing the cardboard corrugation of the tie
A lifestyle shot of the cardboard doodle bow tie
Showing the cardboard bow tie and neck tie flexing
A lifestyle shot of the cardboard galaxy tie
A product shot showing the snaps on the back of the cardboard ties
A lifestyle shot of the cardboard doodle bow tie on someone wearing a pumpkin head